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Hunt Whitetail on the Eastern Shore

Whether you hunt with a bow, shotgun or muzzleloader Schrader's has the spot for you. We hunt thousands of acres on Maryland's Eastern Shore in Kent, Queen Anne's, Talbot and Caroline County also in Kent County Delaware. These farms are under the Quality Deer Management Association (QDM) and harvest from one of these sites can be a doe or a buck that has an antler spread of 16" (roughly the width of the ears) and 8 scorable points or more.

Our properties offer a wide variety of hunting terrain including: swampland, deep woods, marsh and open grain fields. All areas are heavily populated with whitetail deer. These areas have everything a deer needs including feed, cover, water and the security that comes from light hunting pressure. The deer are provided with standing corn, soy beans and a wide variety of clover and grasses, as well as regulated feeding stations.

 Schrader's is the premier outfitter for fully guided Maryland trophy whitetail deer hunts, no one else can match our track record or quality of bucks and accomidations.  We have the farms and we have the deer and we extensivlly manage so bucks will reach their max potential.  Our guides live, sleep and breathe deer hunting.  If you are looking for best Maryland has to offer, look no further.  We start off early in the spring looking for sheds. Our guides spend the summer glassing the vast bean fields compiling their hit list and working on fine tuning stand locations based on terrain and prevailing wind direction.   Our guides also run deer cams on all our properties.  Before your hunt we will sit down and go over the bucks on the farm and help you identify the hit list'r you are sitting on.

We have a wide variety of stands available, from ground blind and ladder stands to lockon stands with climbing sticks.  Just let us know what you are comfortable using.  Also none of our guides are ever allowed to hunt on any of our farms - you are competing against the deer not your guides.  If you are a new hunter we can arrange to have a guide sit with you in the stand - this is a very popular option for those less experienced hunters.  When a big ol eastern shore stud comes walking out your guide can help you stay calm and give you guidance on what to and not to do.

Below are just a few of the really great bucks we killed this year - check out our photo gallery here.  If you want to hear more just give Kenny a call at 410 758-1824.  We promise to work hard and give you a first class trophy deer hunt.  Come fine out why we have the same deer hunters back year in an year out.